Carmody Completes Oswego Window and Sliding Glass Door Replacement

Jan 26, 2017

Oswego window company Carmody Construction recently completed a pocket window replacement project on a newer home in the village.

Our homeowners wanted their old windows replaced for more efficient models, but didn’t want to spend the money to have the old windows completely taken out and replaced. That’s why they opted for pocket window replacement.

Pocket windows allow us keep the frame around the opening, and cut the time and cost when compared to installing new construction windows. While pocket windows aren’t that much cheaper than new construction, the time to install is much less and that’s where the real savings are found.

After replacing the windows we also placed aluminum capping on all of the home’s exterior wood trim. Aluminum trim is much more durable and will require much less upkeep from the homeowners over the years. 

Finally, we replaced a worn out old sliding glass door on the rear of the home. Aging sliding glass doors can be real sources of air entering and escaping a home. Sliding glass doors are essentially the largest window in any home and is a natural collection point for outdoor elements like rain and snow.

While replacing failing sliding glass doors can be an expense, the potential for energy cost savings can make the job pay for itself in just a couple of winters. After completing this Oswego window, trim and sliding glass door project, our homeowners should see lower heating and cooling costs for years to come.

About Oswego Window and Door Company Carmody Construction

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