Carmody Construction Completes Custom Naperville Bathroom Remodel

Feb 07, 2017

As a leading Naperville contractor, Carmody Construction often gets called upon to complete total remodels of outdated hall bathrooms. While hall bathrooms aren’t necessarily a place where homeowners want to spend a lot of money, we often forget how much use they receive. So, it’s important to make them inviting and comfortable.

We recently completed a remodel of a large hall bathroom in Naperville in which our homeowners wanted a warm and cozy contemporary design. We started the job with completely gutting the previous outdated bathroom.

After carefully demoing the previous bathroom, we began by adding a relaxing jetted tub surrounded by multiple types of tile. We also added a tiled cutout storage shelf for shower and bath accessories. These cutouts are becoming very popular with our clients and are essential when planning a new bathroom.

Next we moved on to install a suspended tile dual vanity top  with bronze sinks and black fixtures. Because this vanity does not have a base or legs for support, it is secured to the wall with 2x4s and large lag bolts.

Finally, we installed a tile floor in a diagonal pattern and trimmed out the walls with matching tile trim all the way around.

About Naperville Bathroom Remodeler Carmody Construction

Carmody Construction has been completing bathroom remodeling projects in Naperville and the surrounding Fox Valley since our founding in 1948. Nearly 70 years later and we remain a family owned, local business. We take pride in offering top quality workmanship and and materials.

In addition to bathroom remodels, Carmody can also complete renovations on any room in your house or business. Our experienced team of expert contractors ensure you won’t be disappointed.

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