What is the Difference Between Vinyl, Composite and Wood Windows?

Sep 15, 2016

When it comes to installing replacement windows in your home, deciding between the material they are made from usually comes down to two main considerations: price and energy efficiency. At Naperville window contractor Carmody Construction, we sell and install three types of windows: vinyl, wood and composite. Here we’ll break down the cost and efficiency of each type to help you make your decision when it comes time to replace your drafty old windows.

Cost of vinyl windows

By far, vinyl windows are the most affordable of the three types of windows. Made from a hardened PVC, vinyl windows are generally about half the cost of their wood counterparts and a about 30 percent less expensive than composite.

Efficiency of vinyl windows

For the money,  a high quality vinyl window will save you money on your energy bills over time. While they aren’t as energy efficient as a more costly wood window, they’re likely much better than what you have now. Make sure to read the Energy Star label on any window you buy to discover its energy rating.

Cost of composite windows

Composite windows are made from a blend of PVC and wood. They come in many colors and offer a more refined look around the corners, thinner framing and double the durability of vinyl. In general, they are about 30 percent more expensive than vinyl windows. So, if you want a nicer looking, low maintenance window without the cost of wood, composite might work best.

Efficiency of composite windows

High quality composite windows offer efficiency comparable to wood windows. Composite windows are very stable, while wood windows can expand and contract in extreme weather conditions, which could lead to some inefficiencies if not properly installed.

Cost of wood windows

By far, windows manufactured from wood are the most expensive. However, they’re also the best looking, most durable and offer the highest return on investment. Home-buyers are always on the look-out for wood windows and will pay for their quality and durability.

Efficiency of wood windows

Properly constructed, high quality wood windows are highly efficient. However, as previously mentioned they can expand and contract in extreme temperatures. But with the proper insulation and installation, you’ll find that wood windows are likely to be the most efficient windows you can buy.

Installing replacement windows in your home is likely to be one of the most costly home improvement projects you’ll undertake. On average, homeowners will see a return on investment of about 80 percent in the resale value of a home with newer windows and they’re likely to last up to 35 years.

Naperville window contractor Carmody Construction is expert in working with vinyl, composite and wood windows. We also offer easy financing options to help homeowners make more affordable payments. If you’re in the market for new windows, contact us today, or give us a call at( 630) 355-0002 for a free window replacement consultation.