Should I Find a Contractor Before Filing a Claim?

Mar 05, 2019

Ottawa storm damage repair

If you are a homeowner considering filing an insurance claim for your property damage, there are a few things you may want to consider prior to doing so.  Before filing a claim make sure to carefully read over your policy; it’s your guide to the types of damage that may or may not be covered. After reviewing your policy, seek out an estimate. Find an established local contractor to get a detailed estimate of the damage or repair costs prior to submitting a claim. Be sure to hire a contractor that will provide a written estimate, detailing the costs of material and labor as well as the types of work that will be done, and how long the work will take. Having an estimate already completed will allow you to negotiate with your adjuster if and when the insurance company gives their estimate.

Why is it beneficial to hire your own contractor prior to filing a claim?

A trusted contractor will help make sure you actually have compensable damage:
This is extremely important! Insurance companies will look at the frequency in which you file a claim and the types of claims you file. Insurance companies report your filed homeowners claims to private nationwide claims databases. Insurance companies use these databases to keep track of the claims you’ve submitted in the past. Therefore, filing an insurance claim will often affect your premium or whether or not your insurer will renew your policy. If the cost to repair the damage is not much more than your deductible, you might want to pay out of pocket for the repairs without filing a claim.

Having your own experienced and knowledgeable representation:
When it comes to filing insurance claims, it can be a long process that is time sensitive. Having someone who handles all the paperwork for you is extremely helpful! It is especially useful to have your contractor meet with or speak to your insurance adjuster.

Local contractors have familiarity with local ordinances and building codes:
Watch out for “storm chasers” or contractors just arriving from other states and communities wanting to “assist” you. Avoid strangers who go door-to-door, especially after a storm. They may be unlicensed, dishonest, untrained and from out of state.

Contractors can maximize the benefit of filing a claim to the homeowner: 
Your insurance company may provide you with a list of preferred service providers; you can choose from this list or hire your own experts for the repair. A contractor you hire will make sure the damage is fully repaired. Your contractor will provide a detailed estimate for permanent repairs to your home and give it to the adjuster. According to “your best protection is to keep good records”. The estimate should contain the proposed repairs, repair costs, and replacement prices. You should use this estimate to compare against any of the ones your insurance may provide.

Let us handle it for you!
We will speak to your insurance adjuster and start the claim filing process for you. We are a preferred contractor with many of the major insurance companies. If you’ve put off filing a claim because you’re worried about the hassle of dealing with all the paperwork and coordinating with insurance companies – contact us today and let us negotiate on your behalf. We will work with your insurance carrier in order to maximize your homeowner’s insurance claim. We have decades of experience in dealing with all the major homeowner’s insurance companies. We will provide written bids that include details of the materials to be used and prices on a line-by-line basis. This information should make the claim process faster and easier.

Call Carmody Construction before filing an insurance claim, we are the LOCAL experts. 630-355-0002


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